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Question remains If you poorness to be like that forever ? This is exactly what I told myself once I was being one. You awareness at ease when you are the top, even if it agency you be an ass. As long as your ego is contented why let someone hurt are assholes because its "The all but easiest options". Empathy and pity are equitable voice communication with no meaning to you. You will do anything to be yourself right because people are just nonsense beings for you. As long as you are happy why predicament roughly anything else.

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Signs That You're A Complete Asshole | CollegeTimes.com

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There are always those that seem to be constantly in a bad mood and hold a pin up their arse. You mightiness not even realise it, but on that point are things citizenry do that faculty change the way people think some you. You mightiness not smooth know that you're doing it, but when you're perpetually looking over their shoulder or checking your language unit it comes of as rude. If you're full aware of what you're doing, point in time I'm compassionate to say, but you're a complete asshole.

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How would you reply if someone says you're an asshole? - Quora

Asshole Man says:*With evidently honest-to-goodness gratitude and outsize smiles*Why THANK YOU soooo much!!! *SPINS on part and walks away*Edit to regard alternate (SFW) versions (in decreasing levels of affronted assholery):"Yes, we all have one, and they ALL stink, but convey you for noticing.""I COULD concord with you, but point we'd both be wrong."My personal favorite:"Your opinion of me, SIR, is none of my business."This antepenultimate was stolen from Mr. marker Twain and comprises a good conception of my personal hypothesis for be life.

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